Aidilfitri with our neighbour

“Uncle, aunty, Selamat Hari Raya, please come to our house now, we’re celebrate Hari Raya”, said my wife to aunty and uncle Yang. “This kuih baulu and hamper for you, my mum send regards to you all, please come to my house now”, explain me again.


“Ni hoa ma? Come here kid, uncle will give duit raya”, said me to their son. We take picture with them before we go back.

I remember 3 months ago, when we’re back from Makkah with new baby, Muhammad, aunty give us ‘kurma cina water’. She said its good to my wife, after delivery.

Now Muhammad 3 years ang 3 months.

Hope they can read my books and my dvd about Islam that i gave them.

Islam for All. Not to Malay only.


2 responses to “Aidilfitri with our neighbour

  1. abg man, k.ayu pregnant lg ke?:D

  2. Ira: kenapa? tengok gambar macam pregnant ke?

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